* 1. Kindly answer the following in the text box below:

Year Level:
Estimated combined monthly family income:

* 2. What are the academic goals that you have set for yourself?

* 3. What are you most afraid of when it comes to your academic life?

* 4. Why do you think you have those particular fears?

* 5. Describe the changes in your academic performance, if any, and whether positive or negative, because of these fears.

* 6. Which of these fears are also experienced by others enrolled in a degree program like yours?

* 7. What do you say among yourselves when you get to talk about these fears?

* 8. Describe a recent experience of your being unable to achieve one or more of your goals.

* 9. What do you think was the main reason why you were unable to achieve your goal/s?

* 10. What drives you to reach your academic goals?