The feedback from this anonymous survey will be used to improve CS 241. We appreciate your help.

* 1. Please rate the quality of the following components of the course.

  Very poor Poor Fair Good Excellent Don't know
Lectures overall (Brighten)
Lecture activities (polls / small groups)
Discussion: Wade
Discussion: Matt
Discussion: Yunlong
Discussion: Farhana
Lab assistants
Piazza discussions
Ability to get help
Overall course quality

* 2. Material in the course is moving...

* 3. Material in lectures is moving...

* 4. What do you like least about the course?

* 5. What would you change to improve the course?

* 6. What do you like most about the course?

* 7. What is your overall satisfaction with CS 241?

* 8. Do you have any other comments for us?