It investigates two questions, seeking the views of religious educators and interested others:-

1.  The language currently used for talking about classroom Religious Education.
2.  The idea of giving more attention to a critical, evaluative approach, especially in the senior classes.

While focused specifically on Australian Catholic schools, apart from a few questions that imply knowledge of this context, the survey is pertinent to Catholic schooling and Catholic RE in public schools in other countries.

Important note:  The survey focuses only on language used in the discourse (or narrative)  of classroom Religious Education – that is: key words, ideas and constructs used for describing purposes and practices.

It is not concerned with other parts of the school’s overall religious program like liturgy, retreats, school prayer, outreach, community service, ethos, and charism.  It will not address details of students' spirituality/religious faith.

Background to the research questions
The language used in the discourse of Religious Education is important because it has a shaping influence on how educators understand the place of Religious Education in the Catholic school curriculum, on how they see their role in the classroom, and on what impact they hope it will have on their students.

Participation in the survey
To participate, please type your responses in the appropriate boxes of the online questionnaire. All the information you provide will be both confidential and anonymous.  
In honouring contributions to the survey, and in seeing it as important to give religious educators a significant voice in the discourse of RE, a research report will be made available to participants, as well as to schools where the survey is conducted by diocesan school system authorities.  The results will also be reported on the ASMRE website, with the address given at the end  of the questionnaire.
Thank you very much for participating in this survey.  Your views are highly valued.

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