District Development (DD) and the Healdsburg Tourism Improvement District (HTID)
The District Development Program is an element of the Healdsburg Tourism Improvement District Revised Management Plan, an agreement entered into by the City of Healdsburg and the Healdsburg Tourism Improvement District as of January 1, 2018. 
All District Development funding must meet the basic requirement of enhancing the visitor experience.  A portion of the District Development fund is allocated for larger scale civic improvements that may benefit the visitor experience including services such as transportation and parking solutions, or infrastructure such as benches, restrooms, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, signage and lighting.  The amount budgeted each year is dependent upon the funds collected through rooms sold.  The total funding over the last 3 years has averaged $117,000 annually.
District Development Grants
The District Development Grant Program is intended to be a funding mechanism to support Arts, Cultural, and Educational activities and events that enhance the visitor’s experience and/or promote economic development within the city limits of Healdsburg. Priority is given to events or projects that encourage visits during the typically slow season (November – March) and mid-week.
Awarding an HTID grant is not guaranteed to all applicants and full or partial funding is possible.   The timing of the grant funding is at the discretion of the HTID board, which shall take into consideration the needs of individual applicants.  The cover letter included with the application is an important element of the request and the HTID board will look at this closely when judging the project itself.  An element of any cultural project that gets funded must include a significant marketing effort for the event to attract visitors from outside the area with the potential of an overnight stay.  The promotional efforts needs to be fully described in the application.  If a grant is awarded by the HTID, the applicant must agree to present a written report at the conclusion of the event/project.  The report should include attendance information, recap of the use of the funds and the overall success of the project.  This report is to be presented to the HTID within 90 days following completion of the event or project.
Application Process and Schedule
Before filling out the grant application, please look at the required materials and questions by clicking the link below or by clicking here. There is no option to save the application progress once you have begun and it is therefore recommended to have materials and questions ready before continuing to the next page. Grant Materials & Questions
Applicants must complete the following online application and include a cover letter (options to upload or copy and paste cover letter included in the online application).
Applications for the next funding cycle, for projects taking place between May and October 2023 will be accepted between January 25 and March 10th.  Grants will be announced the week of March 20th.