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Brand vs PR"Do you want someone from corporate communications talking to your audience or should it be someone from the brand team who understands your audience and can converse with them in a meaningful way that adds value to your brand?"

According to Rich Meyer, who asked this question on World of DTC Marketing Blog (here), the answer is the latter.

Meyer argues that "only someone from the brand team, who understands the who, what and why of the product, should be responsible for implementing social media not a mouth piece from corporate communications who every once in awhile Tweets a link."

It's natural that Meyer, who has a brand marketing interest and background, would favor one of his own for the job of communicating with consumers about brands.

However, I argue that the distinction between pharma brand managers and corporate communications is a distinction without much of a difference these days, especially with regard to social media. There are many "PR" people using social media to communicate with patients about brands and disease information.

In my opinion, corporate communications people are the right people for engaging patients via social media because they are trained communicators and are more socially engaged than product managers.

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