West Valley Fire Department Customer Service Survey

This survey is intended to be answered by citizens that received service from WVFD for a 911 call. 
Your confidential responses will help us identify our strengths and areas where we can better serve the community.

* 1. Date & time of service


* 2. Location of Service:

* 3. Was 911 courteous and efficient on the phone?

* 4. Please note, if you received service for a medical emergency, private ambulance companies provide paramedic ambulances for treatment and transport to a hospital and are a separate agency from WVFD.  If you have any comments regarding the service you received from the ambulance company please provide them here.

* 5. Were we ready to help right when we arrived?

* 6. Were we professional?  (Knowledgeable, communicate well, dressed appropriately, met your service needs and had a positive attitude.)

* 7. Did we answer all your questions?

* 8. Are you satisfied with the service you received?

* 9. After receiving service, what is your opinion of West Valley Fire Department?

* 10. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion, if you have any further comments please enter them below.

* 11. If you would like us to contact you regarding the service you received please enter your name and phone number below.