Background and Purpose

CORE Group is doing a formal review of published and grey literature on primary health care approaches (community and facility-based) and nutrition in the ‘humanitarian development nexus’ – defined as “the connection between humanitarian and development organizations, where each group works together in a concerted manner to address humanitarian requirements while taking into account current and future development needs.”[1]

We are seeking your help in finding tools and approaches that are being used in health systems strengthening, transitioning primary health care facilities, and the adaptation of development tools that impact the household level (such as Care Groups and integrated community case management (iCCM)) in primary health care for emergency settings.
Please complete the below very brief 5-minute survey by Tuesday, December 18.

[1] Dr. Paul Spiegel, MD, MPH, Director, Center for Humanitarian Health Professor, Department of International Health Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “Forced Displacement and the Humanitarian-Development Nexus”  (The CORE Group’s Global Health Practitioner Conference: Community Health Action for the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. Washington DC, June 4, 2018).