* 1. How far did you travel to attend the Noquemanon race events?

* 2. How many people traveled with you who did not participate in the race?

* 3. Where did you stay during the race weekend?

* 4. If you are local, did any out of town racers and guests stay with you?

* 5. Approx how much money did you spend in Marquette County on Noque weekend?

* 6. How did you learn about the race?

* 7. Will you return to Marquette to participate in these other activities?

  Not Sure No Unlikely Not Sure Likely Very Likely
Mountain Biking
Road Biking
Alpine Skiing
Water Activities

* 8. Please rate the following areas of the Noquemanon Race weekend

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent
The Overall Event
Organization of Event
The Course
Ski Expo
The Awards
The Volunteers
Aid Stations
Sunday Events

* 9. Which of these trail systems do you ski and at what frequency per season?

  1-3 4-6 7-9 10+
NTN Trails at Forestville, Marquette
Blueberry Ridge Trails, Marquette
Al Quaal Trails, Ishpeming
Valley Spur Trails, Munising
Tech Trails, Houghton
ABR Trails, Ironwood

* 10. Which single factor about a trail system is most important to you?