* 1.  Can you briefly describe your company, what is special about it at this time and your role?

* 2. Since we are talking about PR and its impact on technology companies, what do you feel is newsworthy about your company? How is newsworthiness tied to your core strategy and messaging? Did you change the message at all to be more interesting to the media?

* 3. What is the prime focus of your content marketing program?

* 4. Which stage of the buyer’s journey does your content address?

* 5. How well do you measure the effectiveness of your content?

* 6. Where does your content rate on a six-step scale from very passive to very interactive?

* 7. Please rate the following key content creation pain points.

  Disagree Agree
I don’t have time to create compelling content.
I need input and ideas to make compelling content.
I don’t have the writing and editing resources to create compelling content.

I don’t have executive buy-in to prioritize compelling content.
I don’t have budget to create interactive content.

I do not have a clear brand story that echoes through cyberspace.
I do not feel that we are quite capturing the hearts and minds of our customers.

* 8. What changes would most improve your content marketing programs?

* 9. Please enter your email here if you would like to further discuss your content marketing program with What If What Next.