Community Engagement for Budget Discussion

The MAUSD Board wants to hear from you! Yes, you!

This survey is a community collaboration focusing on the current budgetary issues MAUSD is facing. The following questions are meant to spark your thinking about the budget that will inform the Board's ongoing work in building the third iteration of the budget target.

The MAUSD Board is dedicated to protecting the anonymity of our community members, staff, and students. If you are willing to interact with this survey and wish to remain anonymous, please refrain from placing any identifiable information in the contents. Please do not include your name, kids names, school names, identifiable locations or any other linkable information.

We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you!

- The MAUSD Board
1.What do you want the board to know right now?
2.What would it take to make you feel positive about the budget?