Teenager Attitudes to Participating in Medical Research

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The purpose of this survey is to find out how teenagers (people who are age 13 to 19 years) feel about participating in research. Doctors, nurses and scientists do research to learn more about what affects a person's health, what causes certain diseases and how to best treat and prevent diseases. Sometimes the research that is being done involves answering questions or having tests done.

This survey is being done to find out how teeenagers feel about participating in research. By doing this survey we hope to discover how we can do research better.

We are inviting you to participate in this survey by answering the questions that follow. Your participation in this survey will be anonymous; that is, you will not be asked to give your name or any other information that would let anyone else know that it is you who is completing the questionnaire. There will be no way that anyone can find out that it is you who completed the survey.

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