If you lived in Austin circa 1999 (or thereabouts), what sorts of things did you do for fun?

A brief survey of what life was like in Austin around the turn of the century. The most recent turn of the century!

* 1. What were you listening to in 1999 (what bands, which radio stations and/or DJs, what was on your mix-tapes)?

* 2. What clubs, bars or restaurants were your favorites?

* 3. Where did you go out to eat late at night and/or after hours?

* 4. Of your favorite hangouts, which no longer exist(s)?

* 5. What am I missing? What else do you think of when you think Austin 1999?

* 6. Tell me something that happened to you in or around 1999 that you think is quintessentially Austin ("Man, that could only happen here!). Answer this question and I will put you in the story (if you want me to).