* 1. Are you a current, paid, 2018 member of the Helena Bicycle Club (HBC)? Club membership is $20 per year for a single membership, or $30 per year for a family membership. Annual memberships run from January 1 to December 31

* 2. Are you aware of other Bicycle clubs or organizations in Helena?

* 3. Do you reside within:

* 4. Mark all “types” of bicycle that you enjoy riding:

* 5. Do you consider yourself:

* 6. Do you prefer to ride:

* 7. Do you prefer to ride:
(Mark all that apply)

* 8. Does fear of cars and trucks limit where and how much you ride a bicycle?

* 9. Mark any of the following that prevent you from riding, or that make you not want to ride:
(Mark all that apply)

* 10. Have you used the painted bicycle lanes in streets around Helena and the surrounding area?

* 11. Would you ride on paved shoulders and bicycle lanes if they were swept clear of sand, gravel, and debris more frequently?

* 12. Do you know what a “sharrow” is?

* 13. Do you think it’s okay to ride a bicycle on sidewalks?

* 14. Do you think it’s okay to ride a bicycle in the driving lane of a street or road?

* 15. Do you frequently commute or run errands by bike?

* 16. Do you find bike racks and bike parking at businesses, schools, parks, and events:

* 17. Are you aware of the regularly scheduled Tuesday and Thursday evening Helena Bicycle Club Group Rides that take place from May-September?

* 18. How many group rides per month could you see yourself participating inbetween May and October?

* 19. How many solo rides (as in, not club rides or with others, just by yourself) per month could you see yourself doing between May and October?

* 20. Do you prefer to ride:
(Mark all that apply)

* 21. How long would your preferred regular group ride be, in hours?

* 22. How many miles long would your preferred regular group ride be, in miles?

* 23. Would you enjoy and participate in any of the following Group Rides?
(Mark all that apply):

* 24. Do you mainly begin rides from your home, or do you put the bike in/on a vehicle to begin your rides and then get back home?

* 25. Would you like to see group rides starting from a variety of locations around the Helena area?

* 26. Would you like to see more unsupported, inexpensive overnight group rides, perhaps one or two nights, that included you carrying or arranging whatever camping (or motel) options and food options you want to provide for yourself?

* 27. Would you like to see more supported, and costly, overnight group rides that take care of all the details except actually riding the bike, including lodging, food, and hauling your gear?

* 28. Would you like to see more social and fun recreational bicycle rides, where modest distance and time on the bike was followed by gathering at a local food and beverage establishment?

* 29. Would you like to see the regular club rides be faster-paced and longer-distance rides, or more casually paced and shorter distance rides? Or longer rides at a causal pace? (Note: All regular club rides are no-drop rides)

* 30. Would you participate in a group ride at night, after sundown when it is dark and lights are needed?

* 31. Do you ride in the rain or choose not to ride?

* 32. Envision a group ride that simply rolled around Helena at a modest pace and explored different parts of the community, or rides that had different themes.  These rides could include stops for coffee, meals, beverages, snacks, and/or ice cream.  Would you participate?

* 33. Would you like to see more family-focused rides on the bike trails that were away from cars, short, kid-friendly, slow, and fun?

* 34. Do you enjoy the guest speakers at the HBC meetings that talk about their adventures or offer bicycle safety tips, health and nutrition tips, maintenance tips, etc.?

* 35. Would you like to see organized group trips to ride the extensive paved bike trails in Great Falls, Missoula, or northern Idaho?

* 36. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!
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