ACT Mental Health Consumer Network 2020 Consumer Survey

Who are we?
ACT Mental Health Consumer Network (the Network) is the peak systemic advocacy body for mental health consumers in the ACT. We aim to: 

§  accurately represent the interests of mental health consumers to service providers, community and government at all levels;
§  facilitate meaningful communication between mental health service providers, carers and consumers;
§  increase mental health literacy amongst consumers and service providers through participation and education;
§  give a voice to ACT mental health consumers through lobbying, education and representation; and
§  support the empowerment of consumers by valuing their experiences of the mental health system in the ACT.

You can find out more about us and our programs at  

What is a ‘mental health consumer’?
A mental health consumer is a person who  

§  identifies as having lived experience of mental illness or disorder, past or present; and/or
§  has personally used a mental health service for their own mental health needs. 

Can I complete the survey?
We want to hear from mental health consumers who live and/or use mental health services in the ACT.  We do not require any information or proof of any diagnosis you may have. 

What is this survey about?
This survey is designed to gather information that will help us: 

§  improve and focus our advocacy for mental health consumers;
§  improve the way we receive and use feedback from consumers; and
§  meet the goals of our funding agreements.

Why should I bother?
We can’t promise that anything will change quickly, but we do promise to use the information you give us to improve what we do.

As thanks for your time, everyone who finishes a survey can receive either a

§  $20 Woolworths Group (Wish) gift voucher; OR
§  $20 Coles Group gift voucher.

You will need to provide your name to receive your gift voucher, but your name will not be associated with your survey responses.

NB: If you would rather not provide your details or do not have a mailing address, please contact the office on or 02 6230 5796 to arrange a hard copy and a time to hand deliver your completed survey sealed in an envelope and we will provide you your gift voucher in exchange. We will need to record your name in the gift card register in case your gift card is faulty, but it will not be associated with any of your survey responses. 

How long will it take?
The survey will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. There are 44 questions, but sometimes you will automatically to skip questions if they don't apply to you based on an answer you give.

What about confidentiality?
Responses to this survey will be used for research and planning purposes. This year we have partnered with researchers in the ANU College of Health and Medicine who will help us to collectively analyse the information provided by all consumers who complete the survey.  No information that can identify you will be associated with your survey responses.

Please answer as many questions as you can by Monday 31 August 2020 to make sure your voice is heard.

Question Title

* 1. The first three questions are designed to make sure only people who have mental health issues or use mental health services in the ACT complete the survey.

Do you have lived experience of mental illness or psychiatric disorder, past or present including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, substance use disorder?

Question Title

* 2. Have you ever used a mental health service for your own mental health needs, for example for treatment or counselling support?

Question Title

* 3. Do you live and/or use mental health services in the ACT?

Question Title

* 4. Have you been homeless at any time over the past two years?

Question Title

* 5. What are the five most important issues for you? (some examples to get you thinking: Access to services, Access to treatment, Accommodation, Ageing, Alcohol/Other drugs, Children, Communication, Community, Disability, Discrimination, Eating disorder, Education/Training, Employment, Family, Fitness, Food/diet, Friends, Homelessness, Human rights, Isolation, Medication, Money , Physical health, Stigma, Stress, Transport Violence)

Question Title

* 6. From the five issues you chose, which is the most important to you and why?

Question Title

* 7. How important is it for consumers to be involved in the design or development of mental health services in the ACT?

Question Title

* 8. Have you had any difficulty accessing the treatment, services or health professionals you needed in the past two years?

Question Title

* 9. In the past two years, have you received mental health treatment or visited a mental health facility in the ACT?

Question Title

* 10. Overall, how satisfied were you with the mental health service(s) you received in the past two years?

Question Title

* 11. What could have made your experience of service better?

Question Title

* 12. Were any of your physical health concerns also addressed during this visit/s?

Question Title

* 13. Was a follow-up Care Plan and/or Mental Health Plan initiated to assist you in your recovery?

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