1. About the survey

39 Essex Street Chambers is hoping to work together with the Inns of Court to set up childcare facilities in the Inner/Middle Temple for use by barristers of all four Inns.

The idea, if there is sufficient support for it, is to find a suitable location within the grounds of Inner or Middle Temple, and to give a lease/licence to an outside provider with a track record in setting up corporate childcare schemes. The expectation would be that in exchange for obtaining the premises for a less-than-market rent, the provider would agree to offer places at discounted rates and exclusively or primarily for the use of barristers.

Things are at a very early stage, and we can't promise that we will succeed in our aims. But as a first step, it would be enormously helpful to gauge the level of interest and support for the idea - from both barristers and chambers' employees.

We would therefore be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing this online survey. We don't only want to hear from those who already have children, but from anyone who thinks they might be interested in making use of the proposed service in the future.

If you have any ideas, suggestion or questions, please get in touch with any one of the following:

Jess Connors (jess.connors@39essex.com)
Kate Grange (kate.grange@39essex.com)
Victoria Butler-Cole (vb@39essex.com)