* 1. Please indicate your level of interest in each of these topics. If you're already retired, please answer based on what you were concerned about before you retired.

  Very interested Moderately interested Slightly interested Not interested
How to be happy during retirement
What I'll do with all that leisure time
Having a sense of purpose after I leave work
How to choose where to live after I retire
Profiles of possible places to retire
Exercises and tools to help me envision and plan for my retirement
Aligning with my spouse on retirement decisions and goals
What I should be doing to plan for my retirement
Challenges that people have faced when they retired
Stories of how people have successfully transitioned into retirement
How I can save more money for retirement
Reviews of other retirement books
Other retirement resources

* 2. In addition to what your responses above suggest, what other topics would you like to see addressed in this blog? What suggestions do you have?