* 1. What country are you from?

* 2. What profession do you have?

* 3. How did you find the course programme overall?

* 4. What do you think about the presentations?

  Very Bad Bad Ok Good Excellent N/A
History & Indication by Fredrik Breitholtz
Baha SoundArc by Linnéa Agostino
Baha 5 System by Johan Land
Hands-On MFI, Baha SoundArc & Wireless by Fredrik, Anneli & René
Surgery Techniques by Stefan Jansson
Hands-On training - Drilling by Aurélie Dewael
Hands-On training - Baha Fitting software 5.3 by René Nielsen
Complications and how to avoid it by Aurélie Dewael
Patient cases by Aurélie Dewael