Introduction to Autistic Advocacy Network NZ - DPO in the making!

We are a group of Autistic self advocates, we are in the process of forming a autistic Disabled People's Organisation. The underlying principals of our group is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Treaty of Waitangi, and many of the other conventions out there. Our primary focus is on the advancement on the rights for autistic individuals, whether this be you/your family  identify with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Difference/Condition, disability, neuro diverse/divergent needs. We are here to represent the whole community.

Our first goal is to collect autistic individuals and their family/whanau services about their experiences of accessing their local District Health Boards Mental Health Services, both children and adult services. Firstly through a basic survey. You do not need to tell us who you are, like you do not have to give your name but if you would like the results sent out to you. We will need your email address.

We would like to use the results within our government discussions with the Ministry. 

At the end of it we also would like you to let us know whether you would like to become a member of a Autistic DPO NZ branch, we are in the beginning stages at this stage and a name and Maori name are yet to be voted upon.

Any questions please email 

Please also email us if you would like to have the results or would like to become a member

By doing this survey you are consenting to take part

* 1. How old are you or your child?

* 2. What DHB do you use - this is the one you attend to in your area?

* 3. What ethnicity do you identify with? 

* 4. what is your or your family member official diagnosis or are you self diagnosed?

* 5. Do you or your family member been diagnosed with a learning/intellectual disability as well?

* 6. Have you or your family member ever been declined by mental health services on the basis of being diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum before being referred to mental health 

* 7. Has crisis mental health services ever declined a urgent assessment bassed on you or your family member being on the autism spectrum 

* 8. Are you female or male or other 

* 9. Do you or your family member use Augmentative  Alternative Communication if so what