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1) Complete parts 1-3 below as thoroughly as possible. This will ensure that the judges get the best overall picture of the business you are nominating;

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2) Letters of Recommendation: The judges would love to read letters from your employees, friends and or family who would like to share about you and your story. We kindly request that you submit no more than 3 Letters of Recommendation. Please email your letters of recommendation to us at

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* 1. (Part 1) Tell us about yourself and your business. We want to hear about the inspiration or the motivation that led to the creation of your company. How did the dream become a reality?

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* 2. (Part 2) Describe your greatest challenge(s) as a business owner and the specific solution you created to meet the challenge(s).

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* 3. (Part 3) Share your thoughts and advice on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Did you have a mentor or role model when you began your business? If so, please describe their role in your career.