1. Deadline for Submission is November 13, 2017.

* 1. Please provide your personal information.

* 2. Please list all present and past activities in your local Moravian congregation as well as the larger Moravian Church (Provincial, Interprovincial, etc.). Please include dates of service. (Example: Chair, Board of Trustees, Calvary Moravian Church, 1992-1996.)

* 3. Please list all relevant present and past community service and work experience. Please include dates of service.

* 4. Working together as a Conference, members should possess: strong communication skills, conflict resolution skills, ability to make difficult decisions, knowledge of the Moravian church, including its polity, and doctrine. The following lists specific experience, skills and abilities that it would be helpful for some of the members of the next PEC to possess. Please check any that apply for you.

* 5. Please explain how your work experience, skills and abilities would help the PEC carry out the priorities of the Moravian Church, Southern Province? Please be specific.

* 6. In the next intersynodal period, what should the PEC focus to ensure and improve the health and vitality of our congregations? Take as much space as you need to answer. *

* 7. Additional comments:

* 8. Affirmation of Candidacy:
I understand the duties of and qualifications for membership on the Provincial Elders' Conference. If nominated and elected, I will serve to the best of my abilities and will be faithful and diligent in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of that body. Do you agree to the abovementioned affirmation of candidacy?

When finished, click "Done" to submit your completed form, NO LATER THAN November 13, 2017. Thank you!

Photo Request
We also ask that you provide a recent full color photo of yourself in a separate JPEG attachment. Your photo should be a current, high-quality headshot, suitable for publication. It should be at least 300 dpi in resolution. Please email your photo file to bjohnson@mcsp.org OR mail your photo to: Nominations Committee, Moravian Church, 459 S. Church Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.


Contact Committee Co-Chairs Cheryl Cottingham (336-749-3906 or
cottingreen@outlook.com) or Neil Routh (336-786-5627 or nrouth@gracemoravianchurch.org).

Thank you!
-Nominations Committee, Synod of 2018