* 1. What is your favorite Life Works service?

* 2. How important is the running strip with the agility ladder taped to it?

* 3. In the summer, how important is the outdoor workout area and ability to open the bay doors?

* 4. How would rate the location of Life Works Gym within Canmore?

* 5. Question#1 Are you happy with Life Works parking availability? Question #2 How important is an adequate
fitness facility parking lot to you?

* 6. What is your favorite piece of exercise equipment at Life Works (strength or cardio)? What would you like to see Life Works purchase?

* 7. Your impression of the washrooms at Life Works. Please specify your gender in the box below.

* 8. Life Works gym layout.

* 9. How is the heat and ventilation at Life Works?

* 10. How is the lighting at Life Works