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* 1. Age, Sex, how long you've been climbing, what is your leading level and how often do you climb in yosemite?

* 2. Do you think bolts are acceptable where natural or removable protection can be used?

* 3. Do you think it is acceptable to bolt artificial holds to the rock?

* 4. Do you think altering the rock (chipping and gluing) is acceptable to complete a route?

* 5. Do you think the use of motorized power drills is an acceptable method of drilling holes for bolts?

* 6. Do you think colored bolt hangers are acceptable?

* 7. Do you think it is acceptable to paint or permanently affix route names to the rock?

* 8. Do you think Yosemite should be open to rappel bolting techniques or should it be a recognized traditional preserve?

* 9. Do you consider yourserlf primarily a traditional or sport climber?