1. What is your affiliation with the University of California?

2. What University of California Campus are you affiliated with?

3. Do you know what “UC Commission of the Future” is?

If you do not know, UC Commission of the Future is a commission created by UC Regents in 2009 and tasked with developing a plan for the future of UC system “while recognizing that limited state funding will require creativity and new strategies.” The commission made a series of recommendations at the March 23, 2010 UC Regents meeting. In July 2010, UC Regents will decide which of these proposals will be implemented. For more information please see http://ucfuture.universityofcalifornia.edu/

The survey will now ask you to rate most important proposals made by UC Commission of the Future. Rate A if you think it is an excellent proposal and F if you hate it.

4. The UC Commission of the Future made the following proposals. How would you grade them?

  A B C D F
Multi-year Student Fee Increases of 5 - 15% Annually (the main proposal is for a 15% increase each year until 2014 and then 7% per year thereafter)
Online Classes (replacing regular classes but costing the same) and Cyber Campus
3-year Degree Program (with summer enrollment and caps on maximum units)
Doubling Out-of-state Student Enrollment (without increase in total # of students)
Differential Fees Between Campuses (“Enhanced fees” for UCLA/UCB students)
Additional fee increases of up to 15% for all Professional Schools and programs
10% Reduction of Teaching Staff, greatly increased use of Graduate Students to teach lower division
Eliminating Majors/Programs/Departments that are the same on Different Campuses

5. How would you grade the University of California and its administration? (unless otherwise noted base this on your experience this year or last couple years, you may skip some questions if unsure)

  A B C D F
Quality of Education during 2009-2010 academic year (for students base this on your personal experience)
Quality of Education when you first started studying or teaching (for students and faculty only)
Size of Classes (ratio of students to teachers)
Size of Administration in UC system (currently about 1 administrator per 7 or 8 students)
Transparency of the University of California Budget
Transparency of the the Financial Decisions at your Campus
Transparency, Responsiveness and Accountability of the UC Management/Regents
Responsiveness of the Administration at your Campus to Student and Faculty needs
Involvement of Students and Faculty in UC Regents Decisions
Involvement of Students and Faculty at your Campus in Administration decisions

6. What do you believe UC top priorities should be (rate from 1 to 6, 1 being the highest priority)

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Capital Projects
Medical Center
Community Services

7. Do you think the governing structure of the university adequately addresses needs of the UC system?

8. Optionally please tell more about who you are

9. Students, Alumni, Parents: optionally please tell how you are paying or have paid for university education (this should sum to 100%, base this on last college year if unsure about it)

  0% 1-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100%
Working or using Personal Savings
Parents or Other Family Paying
Federal and/or State Grants
University Scholarships and/or Private Scholarships
Graduate Teaching or other Graduate Student Work