Event Logistics

Please give us as much detail as possible about your upcoming event. This will make it easier for us to find appropriate and sufficient staffing/volunteer. If you have contacted us less than 30 days prior to your event, please call our main office or send an email to region5@operationhomefront.net so that we can consider expediting your request.  

* 1. *Please provide event point of contact information below:

* 2. *Please list the name of the group or unit requesting the appearance:

* 4. *Please list the date of the event:

* 5. Please provide the start time and duration of the event.

* 6. Is there an early set up time? If so, when?

* 7. Is there a cost for this event? If so, explain.

* 8. *Please list the event address, be specific, city is not sufficient:

* 9. Please tell us how many people you expect will attend so we can provide sufficient collateral.

* 10. *Please describe the type of the event and number of Service Members expected to attend event:

* 11. Will OH need to staff a booth for the event?

* 12. Will a table be provided by event host?

* 13. Is OH the primary speaker or, if not, will we have the opportunity to speak at the event? If so, for how long?

* 14. *Please tell us any additional information we should know about the event: