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The European Disability Forum is asking testimonies

With the launch of the new EU Disability Rights Strategy, we want decision makers to hear from you what it needs to address and how.

We are asking people to share personal accounts for two EDF position that papers will be published on our website and sent/presented directly to the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament. We are looking for testimonies on the following: 

On Disability Assessment (the process for being officially recognised as having a disability), including:
  • Disability certificates 
  • Assessment criteria 
  • Disability support or lack there of 
  • Disability allowance that is paid to you and whether it is enough

On Independent Living:
  • Positive or negative experiences of independent living 
  • Improvements needed to foster independent living 
  • Personal budgets and personal assistance
  • Accessible housing
  • Employment
You can write your answers in your own language. Your testimony can be anonymous, and you can retract permission to use it at any moment before publication. If your testimony is used, we will let you know the foreseen publication date. We may only use part of your testimony with your permission.  
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