1. Description

Who’s Eligible: Any current Georgia TESOL member who works with ELLs in adult or higher education

Purpose: The purpose of the grant is to support classroom/research projects and promote the professional development of an ELL teacher who works with students in an adult ed program or higher education institution, or an ELL teacher educator who is a current member in good standing of Georgia TESOL and has a worthy plan or goal that will benefit ELL students, but lacks the resources or materials to achieve this goal.

Amount: up to $1000

Due Date:  April 30th

Definitions: Project: any classroom project or research project that will directly benefit ELL students.
Professional Development: activities such as ELL teacher training classes, webinars, professional workshops, and pre-conference institutes.

Note: This grant cannot be used for any travel, conference registrations, or conference presentations.

Review Committee: Three or more Members-at-Large of the Georgia TESOL Executive Board will conduct a blind review of all complete applications.

All GATESOL grant funds will be disbursed through reimbursement upon submission of receipts or invoices to the GATESOL Treasurer. 

Criteria: Applications will be evaluated on the basis of (a) rationale, (b) relevance for ELL students, (c) objectives, (d) implementation plan, (e) your evaluation of the project, (f) budget, and (g) plan for sharing.

Question Title

* 1. Rationale: Why do you want this grant?

Question Title

* 2. Relevance: How will your grant project benefit ELL students?

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* 3. Objectives: Who is your target population? How will this grant help to meet the standards and expectations of your program?

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* 4. Implementation Plan: How will you go about using this grant project in your classroom?

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* 5. Evaluation: How will you measure the success of this grant project?

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* 6. Itemized Budget: Please provide details on how the grant money would be used and any other funding that you have or will receive related to this project. Please limit the amount of money that will be spent on honorariums.

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* 7. Sharing: How will you share your grant project with Georgia TESOL colleagues?