Welcome to the SA Micro-schools Survey!

The Pestalozzi Trust is inviting you to participate in this survey for micro-schools in South Africa. The questions focus on the how and why of your centre/micro-school.

Adequate provision for micro-schools, i.e. cottage schools, tutor centres and learning centres, has long been a problem in SA law and policy. Your participation in this survey will help us gather sufficient to data to improve our understanding of micro-schools and enable us to compile research reports presenting a more realistic picture of micro-schools in SA.

To participate in the survey you must be an owner/principal of a micro-school. Participation is voluntary, and by completing the survey you give consent for the use of your data for reports, presentations, or publications.

All data gathered from your responses will remain anonymous, unless you voluntarily also complete questions 41 & 42, in addition to questions 1 to 40. Answer questions 41 & 42 only if you would like to take part in a related ethically conducted research project (an interview with micro-school owners).

The survey will take +- 16 minutes to complete, depending on the length of your answer to the one open-ended question.

Questions? Contact Karin van Oostrum at defensor@pestalozzi.org.