The newly re-designed Learning Lab
at the Chicago Cultural Center 
offers sights, sounds and experiences for 
visitors of all ages and a wide range of abilities.

We welcome submissions from artists to share their work in the Learning Lab. 

“Now Playing…Sights & Sounds”

Non-profit arts organizations and individual artists around the world are invited to submit proposals for their work to play in the sound dome and/or be shown on the projection wall in the Learning Lab. This is an opportunity to engage with a broad audience that visits the CCC daily. This year, we are especially interested in work that aligns with youth and/or the 
Year of Chicago Music.
Overview and Guidelines

Applications will be reviewed on a regular basis by an internal DCASE committee including the Commissioner. Priority will be given to work in the visual, performing and literary arts that:
  • has recently received grant support from DCASE and/or
  • relates to a current Chicago Cultural Center exhibition, DCASE initiative, event or festival and/or
  • addresses audiences or artists that are underserved or under represented. 
Check us out at the Learning Lab.

Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Must be an artist, non-profit organization or government entity.  No residency requirements. 
  2. No advertising permitted. However, the inclusion of contact information connecting visitors to your website for future direct contacts and/or sales is encouraged. 
Applications must be completed once started and can take 10 - 15 minutes to answer all questions. (Incomplete applications will be discarded.) Be prepared to do the following:
  • Create a YouTube video of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Longer submissions may be considered if artist provides compelling reasons. 
  • Provide a link to YouTube file of sound and/or visual images to be submitted for viewing or listening in the Learning Lab.
  • Create a description of images and/or sound including a title slide or identifying information for the viewer as imbedded captions.
Here is one source for tips on How to Create a YouTube video.

NOTE:  If selected, we will work with you to create a final edited version of the images or sounds suitable for presentation.
For application questions, please contact Susan A. Friel at or 312-744-1425.

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