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* 3. Rate your overall experience with the Eugene Marathon

* 4. Think about your end to end experience with the Eugene Marathon. How would you rate the following?

  Bad Could be better Just what I expected Good Outstanding! N/A
Social Media 
Pre-race Communication
Health And Fitness Expo
Mile Markers
Water Stations
Number of Bathrooms At The Start
Number of Bathrooms On The Course
Condition of Bathrooms At The Start
Condition of Bathrooms  On The Course
Finish Line Experience
Finish Festival Amenities
Race Weekend Events

* 9. How many times have you run a Eugene Marathon event?

* 10. Where do you live?

* 11. If you travelled more than 50 miles, how many other people travelled with you who were not participating in a race?

* 12. Please rate the following sections of the course:

  Not Great Nice My Favorite
Miles 1-9 
Half Marathon: Miles 10-13.1
Miles 10-16
Miles 16-20
Miles 20-26.2