Additional Worship Service being added

In order to provide both traditional (organ-led) and contemporary (band-led) worship services each week, the Board of Lay Ministry at Ascension would like your input on what day/time/style you would prefer for a second worship service at Ascension each week.  Please provide your answers to the following questions.  Thank you in advance.

Question Title

* 2. What time do you think this second worship service should be held on the day you selected in question 1?

Preferred start time of new worship service

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* 3. If you chose Sunday as the day to add a second worship service, then what time would you prefer for the existing Sunday morning worship service?  (please SKIP this question  by going to the NEXT question if you did NOT choose Sunday for the second service)

Time for EXISTING Sunday worship service
With the addition of a second worship service Ascension will be having both traditional organ-led worship AND contemporary band-led worship each week.   The next two questions request your input for which style of worship you would prefer for each service.

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* 6. Please feel free to add any additional comments you would like Pastor Joel and the Lay Ministers to know about concerning the addition of a second worship service.