This is My Story...

How do you tell the story of multiple sclerosis? How do you put a face on a disease that affects each person living with it so differently? "This is My Story" personal story cards allow persons with MS, family members, friends, and volunteers to share personal experiences about MS. With your permission, we will create and provide you with your personalized story card that can be distributed to lawmakers to serve as an educational tool to help elected officials learn about and join the movement to create a world free of MS.

Share your personal story with others and make YOUR voice be heard!

The survey below identifies some specific issues that commonly affect persons with MS and their families. If you have been impacted by any of the identified issues, please indicate below. After we receive your response, we will contact you to finish creating your personalized story card. Even if you do not wish to have a story card, we appreciate having your story to help support efforts to improve access to health care and defend the rights of people with disabilities.

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