The Pleasant Valley district believes that valuable information can be gained by annually surveying parents and students. This data provides an additional useful tool in analyzing the effectiveness of our educational program over time. Please take a few minutes to complete this confidential survey before May 19, 2017. Thank you for your support of our schools.

* 1. I feel welcome in my child's school.

* 2. I know what my child's teacher(s) expects of my child.

* 3. My child is safe at school.

* 4. My child is not bullied, picked on, or teased in a hurtful manner at school.

* 5. The school challenges my child to do his/her best work.

* 6. My child is being well prepared for further education or training after high school.

* 7. The school has a clear set of rules/expectations for students to follow.

* 8. My child's teacher(s) provides the help my child needs.

* 9. The teachers show respect for the students.

* 10. I am informed about my child's progress.

* 11. The school has an excellent learning environment.

* 12. The school helps prepare my child to be a good citizen.

* 13. At my child's school, people notice when things go wrong and try to make them right.

* 14. The students at my child's school are recognized for their successes.

* 15. The school provides me the information I need about school programs and activities.

* 16. What do you like most about your child's school experience?

* 17. If you could change one thing about your child's school/school experience, it would be....

* 18. Additional Comments

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