CEM Stakeholder Survey

Please complete the following survey detailing your concerns/requests for future care considerations in CEM Quarantine.  Information gathered will be used to prioritize updates to current CEM quarantine management and to identify future needs. Please indicate N/A if you have no concerns in the specific area. Rank your concerns in order of importance (1 is highest, 3 is lowest).

Question Title

* 1. Please rank your concerns for each category in the order of importance (1 highest and  3 lowest).

  1 2 3 N/A
Veterinary care during quarantine
Farrier Services
Feed/Weight management
Riding amenities
Stabling amenities
Vaccination protocols
Infectious disease control
Visiting hours/horse accessibility
Communication with administration
Future location considerations, ie climate, accessibility

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* 2. Please provide details of your overall general concerns related to the CEM Import Quarantine Program in California.

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* 3. OPTIONAL: Please provide information below if you wish to communicate further regarding your concerns.