Part 1: Women Leading the Way™ Application

This information is collected to help us assess your suitability for the Women Leading the Way™ program, and to better understand our registrant demographics. Your personal information is treated as confidential by Minerva BC and is collected and managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. By completing this form, you agree to Minerva BC's Privacy Policy and SurveyMonkey's Privacy Policy.
As part of this application process you will be required to upload the following documents. Please have all of your documents ready before you fill out this application form.

·   A reference letter from a leader that you have worked with (in a professional or volunteer capacity)

·   A current resume or a brief biography

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and interviews are conducted as applications are submitted. Get your application in early to secure a spot and confirm your professional development plans for Fall 2020. The deadline for applications is August 31st. Subject to seat availability, applications will continue to be processed after the deadline.

If you are applying for a bursary, please submit your letter of intent along with your application by August 31st. Decisions for bursaries will be made by September 4th.


After you submit your application you will be contacted by a Minerva BC representative to schedule a 15-20-minute phone interview. The purpose of this conversation is to confirm that the program is a good fit for you and answer any questions you have.


Successful candidates will be notified as soon as they have been accepted into the program. Payment will be requested upon acceptance into the program. Minerva accepts payment by MasterCard, Visa, American Express and certified cheque.

2020- 2021 Tuition Fees:

$3500.00 - regular
$3200.00 - non-profit

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* 3. Women Leading the Way™ will run 2 cohorts starting in September; one in Vancouver and one in Surrey.

Vancouver program dates: 
• Sept. 25/26
• Oct. 23/24
• Nov 20/21
• Dec 11/12
• Jan 15/16
• Feb 12/13

Surrey program dates: 
• Sept. 18/19
• Oct. 16/17
• Nov 13/14
• Dec 11/12
• Jan 22/23
• Feb 19/20

Please check the box noting the program location you are applying for.

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* 4. Have you participated in any other Minerva BC programs or events?

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* 5. Why do you want to participate in the Women Leading the Way™ program?

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* 6. What would make this program successful for you? How would you utilize learning from the program to broaden your impact? 

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* 7. Please provide an example of how you have demonstrated leadership qualities in your work or through your volunteer efforts.

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* 8. Please submit one reference letter from a leader that you have worked with.

Please rename the file with your details in the following format: 'REFERENCE_FirstName-LastName'

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* 9. Please submit a current resume or brief biography.

If submitting your resume, please rename the file with your details in the following format: 'RESUME_FirstName-LastName'

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Minerva is proud to sponsor three bursaries in honour of past board members:
- Two 50% tuition bursaries for non-profit or social impact leaders
- One full bursary for an Indigenous woman

To apply for a bursary, please write a personal letter indicating the following:
1)    What bursary you are applying for
2)    How this program fits with your personal and career goals
3)    Why this is the right development opportunity for you at this time
4)    How a bursary will support you in engaging in the program. i.e. demonstrate a financial need

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