The purpose of this Survey is to understand how many members of the Yahoo or Facebook John Muir Trail Groups belong to the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA). The reason for discovery is that the PCTA works closely with regulatory authorities pertinent to the national parks and forests that contain the John Muir Trail. With the current 2013 severe fire restriction rules in place for areas south of Yosemite National Park, it impacts JMT hikers who are confused over the ambiguous rules pertaining to the use of alcohol, esbit and/or wood-chip stoves, regardless if such stoves are 100% self-contained and protected against causing a fire outside of the stove. "Controlled flame devices such as portable stoves fueled by petroleum or LPG products are allowed by permit." is the rule in question. The usage of the term "such as" followed by the list does not clearly cover the three other fuel stove types. It is the desire of this survey to demonstrate to the PCTA that X-number of JMT members are PCTA members and X-number of JMT hikers, regardless of their membership, are using such stoves. This can help the PCTA work with authorities and the JMT group(s).

* 1. Are you aware of the existence of the Pacific Crest Trail Association (

* 2. Are you a current paid-up member of the PCTA? (any type of member - see

* 3. Have you ever been a member of the PCTA? (any type of member - see

* 4. Have you seen a posting by any moderator of the JMT group encouraging you to consider membership in the PCTA?

* 5. What is your gender?

* 6. This survey is linked to at various hiking group forums or hiking email groups. Please indicate from what source did you link to this survey.

* 7. Indicate the one stove type you prefer to hike on the JMT with, provided regulations allowed it.

Thank you for your participation. The results will be published on each of the sources that provide a link to this survey.