1. Take our nifty studios survey!

1. Where do you create art?

2. If you have designated studio space, are the colors of the walls and the actual environment in which you create important to you?

3. How do you store your fabric?

4. How do you sort your fabric?

5. More often than not,do you spend time folding your fabric for storing or do you just wad it up and iron it later when you need it?

6. How would you best classify your studio space overall?

7. When you're done creating art for the day, do you make your mother proud and clean up after yourself?

8. If you have painted the walls of your studio, pick the closest color scheme below that best matches your studio.

9. Do you munch on food when you're creating art? If so, what?

10. What do you typically sip while you're creating?

11. When you can carve out time to create art, how much time on average do you spend per session?

12. When I'm creating art, I most often:

13. If you listen to music, what kind of music do you listen to?

14. If you watch TV or a movie, which TV show or movie below best describes the kinds of things you like to watch when you're creating art:

15. Okay, if you could have your DREAM studio, these next set of questions are for you. First question: For shelving, craft tables, sewing table, hutch, etc., what color/type of wood would you choose for furniture?

16. For your dream studio, do you want to be able to see all of your supplies out in the open, or would you want the majority of them stored out of sight, except for maybe the supplies (such as folded fabrics) that inspire you?

17. What's most important to you in designing a studio space?

18. If you were to decorate your dream studio, after you've got every supply stored and tucked away, and if you wanted to decorate your studio in a particular style, which BEST describes the look you'd go for: