Hummingbird Park Montford Community Survey

Please review the proposed plans and documents located on the Montford Neighborhood home page, prior to completing this survey.

* 1. Please provide the following information:

* 3. If you would like to receive future communications about Hummingbird Park, including events and activities planned at the park, please provide your email address and/or phone number below:

Proposed Changes to Hummingbird Park:
In order for a community to make enhancements to a city-owned green space, they must enter into a formal agreement with the City of Asheville. This Memorandum of Understanding, or "MOU", specifies what items the community (in our case, the Montford Neighborhood) will provide and what items the City of Asheville will provide.

* 4. For each of the following proposed enhancements, that the City of Asheville would be responsible for providing, please specify how desirable you feel each item is.

  Highly Desirable Desirable Neutral/Don’t Care Undesirable
Maintain a mowed path through the "Wooded Strip".
Add a water source to allow us to irrigate the new landscaping that will be installed by the Friends of Hummingbird Park. Possibly include a drinking fountain with a dog bowl fixture.
Add a “Dog Waste Station”, with bag dispenser and disposal box.
Replace picnic tables with city-standard picnic table(s). One picnic table will be ADA-compliant.
Upgrade garbage and recycle cans to new square metal design.
Install Cumberland Avenue access, with stairs and a railing.

* 5. In order to receive the City-provided amenities listed above, the Montford Neighborhood (Friends of Hummingbird Park) would be responsible for making improvements, such as installing new landscaping and taking over the maintenance of all enhanced areas. 
For each of the following proposed enhancements, please specify how desirable you feel each item is.

  Highly Desirable Desirable Neutral/Don’t Care Undesirable
Remove invasive plants from the "Wooded Strip" and trees along Cumberland Ave.
Add decorative Hummingbird Park sign with the Montford Hummingbird logo.
Enhance the "Wooded Strip" by selectively adding native trees and shrubs to support birds and pollinators.
Enhance the front portion of the "Wooded Strip" by creating a small pollinator-friendly garden, utilizing native plants and shrubs. 
Add woodland native plants to the "Wooded Strip" along the mowed path. 
Add one or more benches along the walking path in the wooded area.
Create a small community herb garden.
Install interpretive signage for the pollinator garden and plants.

* 6. In order to make improvements to Hummingbird Park and receive the amenities that the City of Asheville has offered, the Montford Neighborhood Association (MNA) must enter into a formal agreement with the City that will require limited financial investments for items such as insurance for volunteers. Generally speaking, how important do you think it is that we allocate MNA resources to improving our neighborhood parks?

* 7. Enhancements to Hummingbird Park will require community support, which will be done through The Friends of Hummingbird Park Organization (The Friends). Which of the following would you be willing to contribute to The Friends?

  Happy to Help!
Volunteer to help with planting or weeding (2-3 days/ year)
Make a donation toward landscape and hardscape improvements
Provide administrative or organizational support (schedule workdays, purchase plants, fundraising for additional amenities, etc.)

* 8. What other comments, suggestions, or concerns do you have regarding this project or Hummingbird Park?