Questions 1-2 User category at college

* 1. Please select your user category [please select only one].

* 2. Please check all that apply to you:

Questions 3-6  : Uses of Campus Library or Facility

* 3. [Question Title]How often do you visit the library in person during a session?

* 4.

How often do you use the library website during a session when not on campus?

* 5. Which campus library or facility do you use the most often? [Please select only one].

* 6.

 If you utilize a campus library, for what purpose do you use the library. Please check all that apply.

Questions 7-10 Online Library Use

* 8.

Do you use the library's online resources?

* 9.

If you use the library's online resources, how did you learn about them?

* 10.

If you do not use the library's online resources, please explain why not.

Questions 11-18: Service Ratings

* 11.

If you received assistance at a library service desk, please rate the assistance that you received.

* 12.

Please comment on your reference assistance.

* 13.

If you attended a library class, please rate your library class on a scale of 1-4.

* 14.

Please comment on your library class.

* 15.

Please rate your AskaLibrarian experience.

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
email Reference

* 16.

Please comment on your AskaLibrarian assistance.

* 17.

Has your use of the library in terms of its services, staff, and collections, contributed to your overall academic success?

* 18. If yes, please check all that apply and give Comments below.

* 19.
If no, how can we better support your learning and academic success?

* 21.

How did you learn about library and learning support services? Check all that apply:


* 22. Are there any improvements, new services, or additional items that you would like to see that are not currently provided by the library?