* 1. The Constitution of the United States is important to me.

* 2. I believe my elected officials consider the Constitution in each of their decisions.

* 3. Personal liberty is important to me.

* 4. Personal liberty is respected/encouraged by current local leadership.

* 5. My local government...

  Yes Somewhat No Not Sure
has my (or my business') best interests in mind.
represents its citizens with honesty & integrity.
is informing and involving me at the appropriate level.
should be expanded to provide more services & support.
cares about my opinion when I express it to my public officials.
has the leadership I respect.
makes me feel optimistic about the future.

* 6. Crook County...

  Yes Somewhat No Not Sure
is on track to be successful economically.
has the right balance between job growth and cultural preservation.
would be better if it were more like Deschutes County.
is where I plan to stay & raise a family.

* 7. I support...

  Yes Somewhat No Not Sure
Facebook and welcome this type of business in the future.
expanding the 1600 acre landfill & making it a regional 'super dump'.
enforcing limits on group gatherings of 100 people or greater.
enforcing a smoking ban on county property.
building more destination resorts.

* 8. Please indicate which departments/functions that you believe are meeting your needs & operating in your best interests:

* 9. I would like to add the following comment(s):