1. Monthly Summary

This is your opportunity to discuss the progress that your project has made during the previous month.

* 1. Your Name:

* 3. What Month is this report for? (enter numbers, please)

* 4. Areas in which project has made major progress on goals/objectives in the last month.

* 5. Discuss any major challenges your initiative is facing in effectively implementing activities, achieving desired outcomes, and/or completing goals. Specify:

• Origin of challenge (from what conditions does the challenge(s) arise, or out of what set of conditions is challenge generated?)
• How does challenge constrain project action?
• What steps are being considered and/or taken to resolve the challenge?
• What progress has been made towards resolving the challenge?

* 6. Are budget allocations being expended as planned?

• Have any unexpected expenditures arisen? If so, please explain.
• Do you anticipate any major changes to allocated budget amounts by line item which may require modification at this point? Explain.