Patience, Kindness and Generosity

Practice a loving mindset by rating each of the following thoughts according to how true they are for you. These are the first three of the nine ingredients in Henry Drummond's "Spectrum Of Love" taken from his classic book, The Greatest Thing in the World. It's about I Corinthians 13, known as The Love Chapter in the Bible. You can download a FREE copy of his book by clicking here.

Let's shine bright this week!

Dan Kliewer
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* 1. Patience

  False Rarely Sometimes Usually True
Whether I'm waiting, walking or running I experience peace that comes from trusting that God has the best plan for me.
I talk about my troubles and dreams with God.
I have plans and desires that I hold loosely as I walk with Christ, one step at a time.

* 2. Kindness

  False Rarely Sometimes Usually True
I seize opportunities to show love to others no matter what their status is.
I go out of my way to show others that I value and respect them.
I realize that by showing love to others, I'm showing love to Christ.

* 3. Generosity

  False Rarely Sometimes Usually True
I have a strong desire to give to others because I have been given so much.
I enjoy helping others without expecting something in return.
I am thankful for the opportunity to give to others.

* 4. Take Action: What could you do that would improve your patience, kindness and/or generosity? Enter it here and commit to taking action.

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