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GENERAL: All CrossWinds facilities are dedicated to carrying out our vision, mission and core values. Corporate uses take precedence over all other uses. CrossWinds facilities may be used for funerals or memorial services when not being used for corporate uses by schedule. Member or regular attendees have priority since their regular financial support maintains the facilities.

SPECIFIC: Use of CrossWinds facilities is possible with the following provisions:

•All uses must be scheduled and pre-approved by ministerial and office personnel

•Removal and re-staging musical instruments, sound system, seasonal or ministry decorations will only be done by CrossWinds personnel.

•Depending upon timing, space to be used and A/V requirements the family may be assessed cleaning or operational fees

•Officiating minister, music selections and general service outline must be approved by CrossWinds spiritual leadership

•Funeral homes may contact the church office during regular business hours to detail required space and finalize arrangements

•Smoking or alcohol are NOT allowed in CrossWinds facilities

•If a funeral dinner or lunch will be held, the family is required to provide or fund the food.

•Use of CrossWinds facilities for those without connections with the church may involve facility rental, cleaning and A/V staffing fees that will be considered on an individual case basis.

•Rental charges or fees do not include honoraria for ministerial involvement

MEMBER/REGULAR ATTENDEE EXCLUSIONS: Members or regular attendees are exempt from fees for the use of the sanctuary and fellowship space but must provide or fund the main dish for any funeral dinner

By completing this form the requester agrees to this policy, its provisions and costs.

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