* 1. Please identify yourself by organization (i.e. are you a Band, community, service agency, industry, etc.) and by geographic region (i.e. Northern Ontario, Halifax area, etc.)

* 2. Is your community/agency currently engaged in research with a university or other research institution?

* 3. Is your community/agency interested in pursuing research projects based on community-identified priorities?

* 4. If your community/agency is interested in pursuing research projects, what areas of study are of interest?

* 5. What barriers, if any, may be preventing your community/agency from pursuing research projects?

* 6. Is your organization or community interested in networking opportunities with researchers across Canada?

* 7. If you are interested in learning more about this networking service, please leave your contact information.

* 8. If you would like to share any other information, thoughts or opinions on research, or experiences you have had, please comment below: