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QUESTIONNAIRE: Re-Assessing the Impact of the EU Mediation Directive*
The questionnaire aims to assess the status and impact of mediation legislation for civil and commercial cases in EU Member States, excluding family disputes. It builds upon the Rebooting the Mediation Directive study, presented to the European Parliament in 2014 to understand why mediation was not as widely adopted as expected despite efforts such as the EU Mediation Directive.

Conducted by an international team of mediation experts for the Dialogue Through Conflict Foundation, this new study is based upon a questionnaire addressed to various dispute resolution experts across the EU and the UK. The collected data, anonymized and aggregated, will be analyzed to evaluate progress since 2014 and recommend measures to promote mediation further.

The questionnaire covers estimates of the current mediation market, assessment of existing laws, legislative and non-legislative proposals, and information on mediation and litigation costs. Respondents are assured of anonymity, with data processed securely and in compliance with legal requirements. The results will be officially published in the Fall of 2024.

Thank you for your time to support this effort to increase mediation awareness and use!
*Although the UK has recently left the EU and is no longer subject to the EU 2008 Mediation Directive, it has been decided to include this country within this survey to draw comparisons with findings from the original 2014 study.

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