1. Reading Interest-A-Lyzer Part II

* 1. Your name and grade level (example, John Doe, 7th):

* 2. I like to receive books as gifts.

* 3. I have a public library card.

* 4. I borrow books from the public library:

* 5. I borrow books from the school's media center:

* 6. The number of books I have at home:

* 7. If I could meet any literary character (for example, Ron from Harry Potter or Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird), I would like to meet:

* 8. If I could interview any author - living or dead (for example Gordon Korman or Mark Twain) - I would like to interview:

* 9. The last three books that I have read are:

* 10. I would like to read a book / more books about: