Please read carefully

Thank you for your interest in EATG (European AIDS Treatment Group). To apply for membership please:

1.     Fill out the EATG application form below.
2.     Please name two referees from EATG  and include their correct email addresses. Referees will be contacted to provide feedback on your application.
3.     Fill out the Declaration of Interest form included in this application.
4.     Paste into the appropriate box or send us your CV.
5.     Paste into the appropriate box or send us a short letter of motivation where you describe your HIV activities and the skills you might bring to EATG.

Please note that your application will not be reviewed if any of the above documents are incomplete.

Please note:
New members join EATG as “Supporting Members”. Supporting Members are able to participate in EATG activities but may not vote in the annual General Assembly. At the end of the first year, EATG’s Development and Membership Advisory Group (DMAG) will coordinate a 1st year assessment with the Supporting Member, his or her mentor and working group chair/s to see if there is agreement to advance to Ordinary Member with full voting rights.

You may only apply for EATG membership on a personal basis. If you are involved in a local HIV organisation, you do not represent that organisation within EATG. However, involvement in local HIV activism is seen as an asset

Since EATG is a pan-European organisation, members must be able to communicate by email.
The official language of the EATG is English; therefore English skills are essential for membership.
All information given by you will be handled confidentially. You are entitled to ask for a copy of your membership file from the office at any time.

Please complete the following form. This should take about 1 hour to complete, and you have to do it in one go, incomplete forms cannot be edited again, however, if this causes a problem, you can also download the forms and send them as attachments to

Please use the boxes to paste in your CV or references, or alternatively you may wish to send the supporting documents by email to, or by regular mail. You can also download the application form from the EATG website, and send it in by mail. Please use an X as a tick where appropriate.