1. Activity Description

* 1. Start date of the activity:
If this activity spans multiple days or months, enter the date the activity began.

Start Date

* 2. Your name:
Enter your name if this is an activity you conducted without the direct assistance of other KY SPDG personnel. If this is a collaborative activity, enter the name of the person serving as the lead provider.

* 3. If this was a collaborative KY SPDG activity, enter the name(s) of the other SPDG personnel involved.

* 4. Provide a simple name for each PD activity entered.( For example, "Provided training on differentiated instruction,” “TA on pre-school literacy,” “Facilitated parent meeting.”)

* 5. Please enter a brief, narrative description of the SPDG activity which includes the following
-Description of the audience.
-How the activity was delivered.
-Content of the activity.
-For example – post-secondary transition workshop at Manual HS faculty meeting or parent training at Blue Moon Elementary PTO meeting).

* 6. Is this activity a follow-up to a previous professional development activity?
Example: Booster training given to a school implementing PBIS.