Dear Scope magazine reader: We'd like to know your reactions to the latest issue of Scope magazine. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your answers will help us make sure that we're meeting the needs of our readers. Thanks.

Sue Rosenberg,

Paul Dwyer,
associate editor

* 1. What did you think of the cover of the winter 2010 issue (pictured above)?

  It enticed me to open the magazine I was indifferent to it It was unappealing

* 2. We ran four features in the spring issue. Which did you read, skim, or skip?

  Read Skimmed Skipped
The annotated Zankel: Floor plans give a guided tour
8 things we love about the new music building
Good vibrations: Concert hall opens doors to new audiences
Bricks, mortar, and some pretty high tech

* 3. Which feature interested you the most, and why?

* 4. Which feature interested you the least, and why?

* 5. Of the other departments in this issue, which did you read?

  Read Skimmed Skipped
CTMoment (essay on creativity)
President's column
Campus Scene (news of students and faculty)
Alumni news (including fundraising updates)
Who, What, When (archival photo quiz)
Class Notes
Creative Thought at Work (alumni miniprofiles in Class Notes)
Saratoga Sidebar (what to see and do in Saratoga Springs)

* 6. In general, what do you consider your best sources of information about Skidmore? (Please check all that apply.)

* 7. Which story in recent issues of the magazine most sticks out in your mind, and why?

* 8. If you could change one thing about the magazine, what would it be?

* 9. Please answer a few questions about yourself.

* 10.