* 1. Why did you join APHA? (you can choose more than one answer)

* 2. Which of the following are activities you would like to participate in if they were available? (Choose as many as you like)

* 3. Which of the following are barriers to participating in APHA activities?

* 4. Do you know which APHA affiliate is your local (state) affiliate?

* 5. Are you a member of your local affiliate?

* 6. If you are a member, do you feel your affiliate provides you with valuable resources as a student?

* 7. If you aren't a member, do you have any plans to become a member of your affiliate?

* 8. Would you be interested in a Student Assembly program to increase student awareness and involvement with affiliates?

* 9. If Yes, would you be interested in personally working with your affiliate and Student Assembly to develop such a program?

* 10. Additional Comments and Contact Information

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