We want to get better at keeping in touch with our alumni, as well as helping our alumni to keep in touch with each other.If you are still in touch with any other SU Alumni, please also encourage them to complete the questionnaire. It can be accessed online at: StrathmoreAlumniEngagementSurvey

* 1. Full Name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 4. Current residential city/town

* 5. Please indicate how you as an alumnus would like to get involved in alumni activities.Please tick all that apply:

* 6. We would like you to remain connected with the university.Which of the following events would you like to attend? Please tick all that apply:

* 7. Would you be willing to attend a paid event?

* 8. If you would be willing to attend a paid event, how much would you be willing to pay

* 9. Would you be ready to volunteer in organizing events?

* 10. Would you or your company be willing to sponsor an alumni event hosted by Strathmore

* 11. Please give us any other comments or suggestions